MuSE Drummaps

As there was a request for the drum maps used within MuSE in my Youtube Videos, here they are (I hope, they still work with newer version of MuSE, I used them on 2.2.1 and 3.0.0):

I created them directly in MuSE, but currently I don’t have a version compiled and running (did all the latest stuff within Ardour).

In the drum editor, with double click on the names you can change the names of the notes, with drag and drop reorder the sequence of the rows (though that is not that much recommended as it causes problems on reloading a piece, at least this was the case for 2.2.1 and 3)

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Basically, I went through the midi maps of the drumgizmo kits, took the midi notes from there (or just listened by clicking once on the track) and assigning new names to the instruments

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To save the drum maps, you have to got to the main track view (NOT in the drum editor), right click on the track and select “Save tracks drum list” .

As I have currently no MuSE running, I can’t 100% guarantee that I didn’t forget something, but in principal, that should be it.

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