Video series about a complete Music Production with Muse and Ardour

I created an in-depth tutorial about creating a complete cover song from the MIDI file to the final mastered song

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You can find it here:

or as a complete playlist on youtube:

Music Production Playlist


9 thoughts on “Video series about a complete Music Production with Muse and Ardour

  1. protein kyn

    Thank you very much for your video. I don’t understand very well english spoken and I have a question about recording. What max level of sound you accept when you record guitars or voices or… ?

    Thank you.
    Sorry for my english!


    1. michaelo Post author

      Typically about -18 to -6 dB. It’s no big problem with low levels when recording 24 bit. For 16 bit recording vocals I would recommend a compressor/limiter before hitting the converter to get more even levels.

      Hope that helps,

  2. protein kyn


    Another question about plugin samsara omb2. Which version I can use ? for PC or for MAC? and how install it? I never used VST plugins.
    The same question for TSE808.
    Thank you very much

    Protein Kyn

    1. michaelo Post author

      PC. You can run Windows VST plugins under wine. You need wine and wine-asio installed. Then you can use (most) Windows plugins from within LMMS, with festige, airwave or carla (as I did in the videos). If the plugins have a setup.exe you will need to execute this first under wine (on Ubuntu Studio wine is automatically used to open the files when double clicking on .exe files) and remember the path where the dll is put.
      For OMB2 and TSE808 you have only the .dll files. Just put them in some folder on your machine (I have them under ~/lmms/vst). In Carla’s settings you add the path with the dll’s (in my case ~/lmms/vst). Then click “Add Plugin” and then “Refresh”. Some options appear, make sure that Windows 32 and 64 bit are selected, then click Start, which takes a few minutes. Afterwards you can select and use them.

      Some plugins have 32 bit and 64 bit versions and on my machine in this case the 32 bit versions often don’t display the user interface, but the 64 bit version does. So it makes sense to install both versions if you have them.

  3. protein kyn

    I cant’ load plugins because I can’t select Windows 32 and 64 bit!!


    Thank you for your help.


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